In response to the WA COVID outbreak, we will be
teleconferencing our upcoming meetings using Zoom.
Please refer to the meeting announcement for links and passwords.
If you are not currently on our email list, please email SnohomishCFS@gmail.com and request the link.

April 9 – Grafting – Greg Giuliani(recording on Youtube)
May 14 – Apple Maggot Contol – Jim Holt (recording on Youtube)
June 11 – Strawberries – Dr. Marvin Pritts, Cornell University (recording on Youtube)
July 9th – Cherries & Plums – Dr. Travis Alezander, WSU
Sept 10th – Blueberries – Lisa DeVetter, WSU

A Non-Profit Educational Organization
of Home Orchardists and Fruit Culture Hobbyists

Welcome to the Snohomish County Fruit Society. We are a chapter of the Western Cascade Fruit Society (WCFS) that was formed in January 2012. We meet on a monthly basis for educational talks, workshops, and field trips.

Our members are aspiring hobby orchardists and backyard fruit growers. They enjoy growing fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, and vines around their homes in the Puget Sound area. The Society encourages novice fruit growers inĀ  selecting and cultivating fruit varieties that grow well in this region.

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