Spotted Wing Drosophila (drosophila suzukki, SWD)TrapDrawing

SCFS members have found SWD in sour cherries, raspberries, tayberries, boysenberries, blackberries, and strawberries to name a few. Do you have SWD in your fruit? Here are some good photos of what damaged fruit can look like.

Here’s our final report from our SWD Trap Type and Bait Longevity Research Project from the summer of 2013

We no longer have traps for sale, but you can make you own with help from this SWD Trap Instruction Sheet. See what WSU has used in the past for their trials, reported on in this Capital Press article.

Pictures from our 2013 summer research study…

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SWD is a vinegar fly originally from Asia that appeared in Washington state in 2009. Because of a robust ovipositor (egg injection tube) the SWD lays eggs in healthy ripening fruit while they are still attached to the plant as well as overripe fruit. Infested fruits then began to deteriorate due to larvae activity as well as secondary fungal and bacterial infections. Life cycles are 8-15 days allowing for up to ten generations in one summer and they are able to overwinter in our climate. Females can lay 200-600 eggs in a lifetime.

Males are easily identifiable due to a black spot on their wings, red eyes, and two dark bands on their front legs. Females lack the dark spot but have a distinct, serrated ovipositor which is carried tucked under her abdomen.

Oregon State University and Washington State University are some of the leaders in the research regarding SWD in the United States.

Oregon State University Spotted Wing Drosophila Website

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Information Sheets:
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